Connecticut Auto Glass Bill that Bans TPA Steering Goes to Governor
May 23, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

A Connecticut bill designed to extend a ban on steering by auto physical damage appraisers or third-party insurance administrators (TPAs) to specific repair shops, including auto glass repair and replacement companies, has now been approved by the state Senate and is moving to the governor's desk, according to the State of Connecticut website.

"The bill bars insurance companies or their representatives from steering an insured to a licensed glass shop owned by the company, claims administrator or their parent company, unless they provide the insured with the name of at least one other shop in the area where the glass work is to be performed," according to a summary of the bill from the Connecticut government website.

The bill specifically addresses auto glass work, saying a TPA cannot "require any insured to use a specific person for the provision of automotive glass work."

The bill also bans TPAs from stating "that choosing a facility other than a glass shop participating in an automotive glass work program established by such a company will result in delays in or a lack of guarantee for the automotive glass work."

The state House of Representatives passed the bill earlier this month.

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