Connecticut Anti-Steering Bill Introduced in Joint Committee
February 22, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

An anti-steering bill was raised in the Connecticut joint committee on insurance and real estate today. The bill would make it illegal for any insurance company, agent or adjustor to require insured consumers to use a specific person or company for vehicle repair.

The bill reads: “No insurance company doing business in this state, or agent or adjuster for such company shall (1) require any insured to use a specific person for the provision of [automobile] motor vehicle (A) physical damage repairs, [automobile] or (B) glass replacement, glass repair service or glass products, or (2) state that choosing a facility other than a motor vehicle repair shop participating in a motor vehicle repair program established by such company will result in delays in repairing the motor vehicle or a lack of guarantee for repair work.”

The bill goes on to say that insurance companies would be required to provide five licensed shops near the insured’s residence.

“If the insured does not specify a preference for a repair shop or glass shop, as applicable, the insurance company, or the agent, adjuster or third-party claims administrator for such company shall provide to the insured the names and contact information of five licensed repair shops or glass shops, as applicable, located within thirty miles of the insured's residence, or if five such shops are not located within such area, the names and contact information of such shops located within such area.”

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