BELGIUM - Belron Parent D'I'eteren Acquires Own Shares
October 30, 2009

Belron's parent company, D'Ieteren, announced today that it has purchased back 5,519 of its shares. The purchase occurred between October 22 and October 30, 2009, at an average price of 252.40 Euros ($371.66 U.S. dollars) per share. The shares were sold for a minimum of 237 Euros ($349.03 U.S. dollars) and a maximum of 260.14 Euros ($383.10 U.S. dollars).

The purchase was carried out on Euronext Brussels "to hedge share option schemes granted to officers and managers, by virtue of the power endowed to the Board of Directors by the General Meeting of Shareholders on 28 May, 2009," according to a company statement.

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