DNS/Auto Glass Shop President Says the Company Acquired Some Coast to Coast Assets, But Has No Further Affiliation
May 17, 2011

DNS Auto Glass Shop and Auto Glass Shop LLC president Jeff Searles says that the company has purchased some of Coast to Coast Auto Glass’s assets and hired some of its former employees, but has “zero affiliation” with the company.

After Coast to Coast went out of business, we did acquire a fleet of vehicles from them and some smaller, minor assets,” says Searles. “Additionally, we have hired some employees who had prior work history with Coast to Coast, but that has been the extent of our interaction.”

glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine reported last week that Coast to Coast had removed its website and verified today that the company “is no longer in the auto glass business,” according to former company spokesperson Jigna Patel.

While state paperwork for two DNS Auto Glass Shop locations included Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW) distribution center addresses as the company’s registered place of business as of last week, Searles says the paperwork is inaccurate.

“The relevant state records are being updated with our current office addresses, none of which are co-located with PGW,” says Searles.

Searles suggests that the inclusion of the PGW addresses likely was a clerical error that occurred when the company was first setting up its locations.

“When we were looking at setting up stuff across the country, and [our admin] asked me, ‘if someone needs to send us mail while we’re setting up where they should send it?’, and I said, ‘why don’t you have them send it to PGW?’” recalls Searles. However, he says he wasn’t aware until late last week, when glassBYTEs.com™/AGRR magazine published a story about the matching addresses, that the PGW address had been used in official state records.

“Nonetheless, we do value our relationship with PGW and believe in supplying our customers with the highest quality OEM-equivalent glass, moldings, and urethanes available in the market,” adds Searles.

Searles also has provided clarification on the relationship between DNS Auto Glass Shop and Auto Glass Shop LLC—which have similar websites and ownership information, but no clear ties. “DNS is our national footprint if you will, and Auto Glass Shop is regional currently to Arizona and New York,” he says, “and we have some similar ownership between the two.”

He declined to comment further on the ownership of each, but says he founded Auto Glass Shop in September 2008 and DNS in late 2009. Searles himself comes from a lengthy auto glass background. His family originally got its start in the business in 1959, and previously ran a chain of companies in the San Francisco Bay area called National Glass, he says.

“They sold in the late 1990s and I came out to Phoenix in 1998 or 1999, and we opened a shop in the late 1990s here in Arizona that transitioned in September 2008 to Auto Glass Shop,” he says. Searles declined to identify the name of the original company.

Searles says the company also acquired some of Izon Glass’s assets in 2009. State records show that a company identified as Izon AGS - AZ LLC merged with Auto Glass Shop in 2010.

 “We did not purchase the company—it was an asset purchase to include some vehicles, and Izon had some contracts with some sales venues that we assumed,” says Searles.

He adds, “We might have a couple of technicians … that used to work for Izon, but there’s no management personnel related to that transaction,”.

A Louisville television station ran a report last week alleging that DNS participates in some of the direct marketing methods most widely seen used by Coast to Coast Auto Glass. In response, Searles says DNS “is diverse in its marketing efforts."

“In an environment today where we have third-party administrators that control a large amount of referrals … we have found that we need to be diverse in our marketing efforts,” says Searles. “We do traditional marketing like every other mom-and-pop shop has for years—we have yellow page ads, we do Valpak coupons, and we have relationships with insurance agents like glass shops have forever. And, a portion of our marketing does include direct marketing, whether it be business-to-business, events, social media—there’s just a whole bunch of avenues that we utilize to identify a consumer’s need for a replacement or a repair.”

Searles declined to comment in detail on the direct-marketing model that the company utilizes, citing it as “proprietary” information.

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