DNS Auto Glass Responds to Hidden Camera Investigation
May 2, 2012

by Katie O'Mara, komara@glass.com

A recent hidden camera investigation into the DNS Auto Glass location in Louisville, Ky., has been making news in the Louisville area. The report, done by WAVE 3, allegedly caught a sales representative employed with the Louisville DNS Auto Glass shop committing insurance fraud.

According to video from the television station, the salesman was attempting to file a claim with an insurance company for a windshield replacement when the windshield only suffered a small, repairable crack.

“There was never a claim filed and it was not put through insurance. There was never a job set up or an appointment made,” says Jeff Searles, owner of DNS Auto Glass. “We are still in the process of investigating this. The salesperson that was represented on the video cannot be found to exist in any of our referral sources. It’s not a name on any of our rosters. The former employee that they spoke to was very disappointing because I am not sure where he got his information from.  I was very perplexed that he didn’t feel like the policies applied to him.”

“It is impossible for anybody to control or have all of their employees do everything right 100 percent of the time,” says Searles. “We can just direct them and support the authorities and that’s all that we can do.”

Searles said that if an investigation showed any fraud they would immediately terminate the offending employee and cooperate with the proper authorities.

“We actually reward our technicians for finding fraud because we don’t want anything to do with it,” says Searles. “Our last line of defense to ensure our integrity is the technician. They are told when they get there if there is no damage to not put the windshield in, notify the dispatch and take pictures.”

DNS Auto Glass uses computer software and Searles confirmed that technicians take photos that are uploaded and available for viewing.

“We are inspected regularly. We have yet to have one formal complaint to us from any insurance company as it relates to fraud,” says Searles. “We don’t want to do it wrong. If someone is committing fraud then we want to know about it.”

The Kentucky Department of Insurance is currently considering the television station’s report.

DNS Auto Glass has nine locations throughout Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, New York and Connecticut.

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