Thief Steals Van and Tools from New York Shop
December 6, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

James Darienzo, owner of Active Auto Glass in East Meadow, N.Y., reported his shop van had been stolen around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Darienzo describes the van as a 1998 white Chevy Astro.

The van contains an estimated $7,000 worth of supplies including a Delta windshield repair kit as well as Equalizer brand tools, glass racks and a variety of other repair tools. Darienzo says there was also a generator in the van.

"Most of our equipment has our name engraved into it," he says. "I don't have the money for a new van, especially before Christmas," continues Darienzo. "We are struggling right now financially and would appreciate any help recovering our tools since they aren't covered by insurance."

According to security camera footage, Darienzo says the thief was wearing jeans and an olive green jacket or sweatshirt and appeared to be about 5'8" tall.

"If anyone approaches you or your staff attempting to sell flat glass or auto glass tools, please call the police or our company at 516/785-0555," says Darienzo.

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