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"Dazzling" New Technology Protects U.S. Troops Without Damaging Windshields

On any given day, U.S. troops and other allied forces fighting in Iraq face danger from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) as well as those IEDs launched from oncoming or passing vehicles-known as vehicle based IEDs (or VBIEDs).

Now, ground troops have a way of fighting back, so to speak, using technology that has been in the works for many years-and by many different countries-but only recently has been made practical for U.S. troops, according to an article on

B. E. Meyers Co. and L. E. Systems Inc. are two companies that have designed non-lethal laser light sources or "dazzlers" for use in combat-style situations. The laser light emitted from the dazzlers creates a glare that hampers the vision of those against whom it is being used. The light is often strong enough that it can seemingly "white-out" the windshield of an approaching vehicle, momentarily blinding the occupants and usually thwarting any attempt to activate a VBIED-without actually altering the physical makeup of the glass according to different sources including the article and a demonstration synopsis of Meyers' tools the GLARE (which works on distances up to 150 meters or nearly 500 feet) and the GBD-IIIC, which is designed for even longer distances.

The U.S. military isn't the only organization benefiting from dazzlers, either. According to the article, dazzlers are tools that may very well make their way into the hands of local law enforcement officers as well.

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