Sponsored Link: Delta Kits Offers Headlight Restoration System
November 19, 2009

Delta Kits Inc. offers a headlight restoration system designed to restore headlights to their original clarity, not only improving the vehicle's appearance but also the headlights' ability to project light properly.

Delta says this also is a green alternative add-on service for businesses, as it prevents the unnecessary disposal of discolored headlights currently going into landfills. The company notes that the restoration process is also a simple and fast one.

Also, it's a service you can sell to current customers (or those already seeking glass work).

"The most difficult part of any business is getting new customers," says Delta account executive Jonathan Powell "It is much easier to sell more to customers you already have than it is to find new customers. If you can service your existing customers with additional services, you will instantly see an increase to your profits. Headlight Restoration is an excellent add-on service for anyone in the glass industry. You already have a relationship with the customer. They already trust you. Just start doing more for them."

Click on the video below for more details.

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