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Diamond Files Amendment to Motion Regarding Abandoned Property, Returns Remaining Keys to Closed Facilities

Diamond Glass has filed an amendment to its original motion authorizing it to reject nunc pro tunc to the date of filing certain unexpired non-residential real property leases and to abandon any property that remains on the premises. In the original motion, Diamond claimed that it "had made an unequivocal expression of [its] intention to reject the Leases" and "that they had 'vacated the Closed Locations and returned the keys when appropriate to the respective landlords of the Closed Locations," according to court documents.

After the original filing, though, Diamond officials determined that "they had inadvertently retained keys for seven of the ten Closed Locations." The amended motion says that upon this discovery, five keys were returned by overnight delivery, one by hand delivery and the last by certified mail.

Earlier court documents in the Diamond bankruptcy case noted that all of Diamond's facilities, including its headquarters, are leased, along with all of its vehicles (CLICK HERE for related story.)

Among the closed locations listed in the court documents are the following:

  • Uniontown, Pa. (#292);
  • Watertown, Mass. (#709);
  • Everett, Mass. (#717);
  • Bogart/Athens, Ga. (#204);
  • Shawnee, Ks. (#209);
  • Augusta, Ga. (#168);
  • Montgomery, Ala. (#210);
  • Dothan, Ala. (#256);
  • Erie, Pa. (#082); and
  • Philadelphia/Bensalem, Pa. (#058).

CLICK HERE for full text of motion.

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