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Nearly 100 Diamond Stores to Close; No Job Losses Expected

Belron US spokesperson Jenny Cain told™/AGRR magazine today that the company expects to close 97 Diamond Triumph stores into Belron US locations and consolidate these into Belron US locations.

"Assuming our customer retention objectives are met, no job losses are expected to result from this store consolidation," Cain says. "Store managers, technicians and customer service representatives affected by store consolidations will be reassigned to other locations in order to maintain-and improve-our high customer service levels, as well as in anticipation of the company's continued growth."

As part of the plan, Belron US plans to keep 119 existing Diamond locations open, and to relocate 53 Belron US Mobile Pros to Diamond locations.

She says the company underwent a detailed evaluation process to determine how to proceed and what locations were needed.

"All scenarios were considered: leaving all stores open; consolidating Diamond Triumph stores into Belron US locations and consolidating Belron US stores into Diamond Triumph locations," she says.

In addition, Belron US plans to spend $2 to $3 million to upgrade the 119 Diamond locations.

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