Glass Doctor of S.E. Wisconsin Surprises Family with Sidelite Replacement
May 11, 2012

Glass Doctor of S.E. Wisconsin recently came to the rescue when the company heard about a local woman in need of a driver’s side sidelite.

The woman, Lori Heitkko from Amasa, Mich., has been staying with her family at Ronald McDonald House in Milwaukee for the last 42 days while her grandchild receives medical attention. An anonymous caller sought the company’s help when he observed Heitkko going outside and placing a tarp over her 1995 Ford Ranger’s broken window everyday for months. 

“When I got the call to see if I’d be able to do the work, I immediately wanted to lend a hand,” said franchise owner David Kozlowski. “I offered to donate the window and labor. I’m honored to help in any way I can.”

Kozlowski completed the replacement this week. 

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