Don's Mobile Glass Hosts Shopping Tour for Local Elementary School Children
December 28, 2009

Don's Mobile Glass, which has locations throughout Northern California, hosted its 35th annual Christmas shopping tour with a local elementary school on December 2.

Each year, the company organizes the event with local elementary schools and various sponsors, who take children in need on a shopping spree and then to an organized dinner, according to executive assistant Corina Malagon, who is in her 12th year of organizing the event.

This year, 57 children from El Vista Elementary School in Modesto, Calif., were able to participate in the daylong activities, which concluded with a dinner at a local lodge with Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph and even Santa, who offered gifts to the children.
Don Monaco, the company's founder, started the program originally, and it has grown over the years.

"He took a couple of kids from the Salvation Army out shopping and since then it's grown to taking school kids out shopping and then to a dinner," Malagon says. "Now we actually have a big formal dinner."

Malagon now solicits sponsors from the area-business owners, long-time associates of Don's Mobile Glass, etc.-and on the designated day, each sponsor meets the designated child at the school and takes them shopping for clothes, toys and other needed items.

"Then I arrange with certain merchants in the area for discounts from their stores," says Malagon.

After the shopping trip, everyone meets for a formal dinner sponsored by Don's Mobile Glass.

"We have Christmas carolers that come in and after that's all done the sponsors take the children back to their homes," says Malagon. "They're always so thankful and it's so neat to see the children. They're usually really shy and quiet at the school, and then we see them at the dinner with their new clothes on, and they really shine."

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