Dow Automotive Systems Moves Aftermarket Distribution to Hillsdale, Mich.
August 9, 2011

Dow Automotive Systems has announced it will be moving its aftermarket distribution center from Dayton, Ohio, to Hillsdale, Mich., at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The aftermarket distribution center will join Dow’s small packaging operation, which currently is located in Hillsdale.

Philip Jentoft, director of global aftermarket sales and service for Dow Automotive Systems, says the consolidation of packaging and distribution will allow the company “to better manage costs and create operational efficiencies.”

He adds, “This move will also help us ensure that the highest quality and freshest product is available to the market.”

"With the consolidation of Dow Automotive Systems Aftermarket distribution operations into Dow’s Hillsdale, Mich., small packaging operations, there will be no aftermarket operations remaining in Dayton," Jentoft told™/AGRR magazine.

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