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Happy Earth Day: Industry Groups and Representatives Go Green
April 22, 2009

Though many across the nation are celebrating Earth Day today, many shops and industry groups have been “green” for some time.

David Casey, president of Superglass Windshield Repair in Orlando, Fla., and a member of the National Windshield Repair Association’s board of directors, is one of these.

His company actually gives his repair customers a certificate for their dedication to helping the environment by having their windshields repaired.

“One of the things I’m doing in my company is recognizing the actual carbon emissions that every windshield repaired saves,” he says. “We show customers how many pounds of glass they kept out of the landfill. And, for every windshield, there’s about 50 pounds of carbon emissions.”

Casey notes that in Europe, citizens are actually recognized for reducing carbon emissions and cutting down on pollution—and he hopes someday the same will be true in the United States.

“We’re trying to show customers at least that we recognize them for this,” he says. “The certificate does nothing at this time but at least it shows they’ve reduced some carbon emissions, and who knows? Eventually it could turn into a credit.”

And many consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious as well.

“In the last couple of weeks, it’s amazing how many people have asked, 'What are you doing with the old windshield?'” says Gerald Zwart, owner of Dr. Chip in Sioux City, Iowa ,whose company also does replacement, but promotes repair and its environmentally friendliness when possible.

"We explain to customers that they're saving the landfill," says Zwart.

Gene Henderson, owner of Crack Doctor in San Diego, says many customers are surprised to learn this.

"People don’t realize that windshields just sit in the dumpsters," he says.

The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) has been involved in a green initiative for some time and today is promoting the green practice of windshield repair among consumers. (CLICK HERE for full statement of release.) In addition, NWRA says a major change at the association to make it “more environmentally focused” is forthcoming this summer.

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