Auto Glass Companies Have Green Plans for Earth Day
April 17, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

As April 22 approaches companies around the world will be doing their part to raise awareness about protecting the environment. Earth Day, which began in 1970, is a day known for bringing all different types of people and groups together for one cause. The auto glass industry has long celebrated Earth Day and used it as an opportunity to educate customers about energy-efficiency and “green” solutions.

We are sending green hats out to all of our franchisees to wear on Earth Day,” says Dave Casey, president of SuperGlass Windshield Repair. “I sent them a fact sheet about Earth Day to give them tips that they can pass along to their customers. Part of the big message to our franchisees is that we are a part of the community. What is good for the community is good for us.”

Casey also said that Earth Day gives him a chance to bring up the environmental benefits of windshield repair.

Auto glass repair and replacement company JN Phillips also made Earth Day an important part of its business. The company introduced Greenshield®, a windshield recycling program, in November of 2010.

“We have received interest from television outlets in the Boston and Springfield telveision markets to produce story segments about JN Phillips recycling efforts and our GreenShield windshield recycling guarantee,” says Josh Rosenfield, GreenShield product manager at JN Phillips. “In Springfield, Mass., television station WGGB-TV, ABC 40 and Fox 6 have produced a four minute segment by the popular host of its daytime lifestyle program, ‘Simply Living,’ with Maggie Pererias. The GreenShield segment has been scheduled to air numerous times during the month of April on both stations.”

In addition to the planned appearances on television stations, JN Phillips will be running television and radio commercials highlighting the recycling of broken windshields. The company is also running an educational video on YouTube.

Used windshield glass is also recycled for a variety of additional uses such as “glassphalt” and “glass mulch.” Glassphalt is used to pave medium-traffic roads and glass mulch is used my homeowners who want to give a decorative look to their flower beds. Another popular use is turning broken windshields into glassware—mugs, glasses and decorative pieces.

Is your shop planning something special for Earth Day? Email and tell us how you are protecting our planet.

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