East Coast Auto Glass Shops Battle Blizzard of 2009
December 21, 2009

With more than 18 inches of snow on the ground in some locales and continuing freezing temperatures, East Coast glass shops are facing several challenges as they start off this holiday week.

Roanoke, Va., received between 20 and 21 inches, and Ian Graham, owner of Windshield Solutions there, says many areas are yet to be plowed.

"[I'm] not sure how much work we'll get done, if any, this week," he says. "With Christmas right around the corner it will likely be a slow week anyways, so I'm not too worried about it."

As of late yesterday, the office parking lot from which he operates wasn't yet plowed.

"We'll see what the rest of the week turns out like," Graham added.

Though Pittsburgh is forecast to receive more snow later this week, currently, Rob Dent of Smail Auto Glass says they've only had about 6 inches.

"The phones are quiet so far," says Dent.

The fact that the snow fell on a weekend also made a difference, he said.

"The snowfalls that occur on the weekends in this area tend to keep people at home," he said. "We need snow through the week to see a good increase."

Dent is hopeful about the forecasts for later in the week, though.

"Myself and my fellow vultures want a nice ice storm for the holidays," he said.

In Williston, Vt., Karl Anderson of Anderson Auto Glass was still hoping for a storm as well.

"As always, in the past few years, we have not gotten a whole lot of snow as the southern states seem to get," he said. " … We need snow up here."

One shop in Fredericksburg, Va., which received approximately 18 inches, was advising customers that they were doing their best to make it out this week, but also advised mobile customers they'd need a heated garage in order to complete any replacements, as temperatures are forecast to stay within the 40s and below for most of the week.


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