AGTO Contestant Close-Up: Joe Estrada, Estrada's Carglass
October 16, 2009

Joe Estrada, owner of Estrada's Carglass in San Antonio, will travel to Las Vegas next month to compete for in the Pilkington Classic Auto Glass Technician Olympics. The event will be held November 6-7 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Estrada, 42, has 25 years' experience. He and his wife, Tally, have three children, Leah, Seth and Evan. In his spare time, Estrada enjoys off-shore fishing, scuba diving, photography and participating in activities with his children.

The AGTO is held as part of Auto Glass Week in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Auto Glass Expo at NACE, the International Auto Glass Safety (AGRSS) Conference, the IGA's Marketing Conference, the National Windshield Repair Association's (NWRA) Marketing Conference, and the Third Annual Walt Gorman Memorial Windshield Repair Olympics (WRO). The AGTO is co-sponsored by the Independent Glass Association and™/AGRR magazine.

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