Farmers' Denies Windshield Repair Claim Citing Lack of Inspection
June 10, 2013

by Jenna Reed,

Farmers' Insurance recently denied a windshield repair claim for one of its insured customers citing the lack of inspection prior to windshield repair, according to Richard Campfield of Ultra Bond in Grand Junction, Colo.™/AGRR™ magazine readers report that inspections being required prior to windshield repair or replacement authorization have been increasing in frequency.

These reports appear to be particularly prevalent for auto glass companies that do not have network agreements with Safelite Solutions. Safelite Solutions serves as the third-party administrator for Farmers Insurance

"One of my customers was called out by Farmers' for an inspection. [The windshield had already been repaired.] The customer received a letter that from Farmers' stating that it did not have the chance to do the inspection so they were canceling the claim," says Campfield.

In a letter to the customer, Gwynneth Reutter, a Farmers' representative, writes, "Unfortunately, the policy will not provide coverage for your damages. Since the repairs were completed before we could inspect the vehicle and provide authorization to complete any repairs, we are unable to process any payment for this loss."

She referred the customer to his policy, which states "If claiming car damage coverage: Allow us to inspect and appraise the damaged vehicle before repair or disposal."

In response to the letter, the auto glass customer, who did not want to be identified, says, "After receiving this note, I contacted my agent to find out that you [Ultra Bond] had a good reputation for repairs but she was unable to get any adjustments done. I don't understand why this is not being taken care of by them except the fact that when I was contacted about the claim by phone, it came up as Safelite on the caller ID."

Though Safelite officials have declined to comment on the subject, the company recently accepted recognition by Best Review, a magazine dedicated to offering news to the insurance industry, in its Innovation Showcase for this very inspection program.

The magazine recognized Safelite Solutions for instituting "pre-inspections for auto glass claims [prior to repair and replacement authorization] in order to reduce the increasing number of fraudulent claims."

Auto glass owners do not see the program as beneficial, according to reports rom™ readers.

If your customers have been required to undergo inspections, please email with details. Also, to share your thoughts on inspections, visit the related AGRR™ forum.

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