Car Coach® Lauren Fix Features AGRSS® on "The Daily Buzz"
October 27, 2011

Car Coach Lauren Fix featured the importance of the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) during a recent interview with "The Daily Buzz," a nationally syndicated morning talk show. Fix appeared as part of Car Car Month in a session titled "Loving Your Car."

"The most important thing is your glass," said Fix. "You don't think about your windshield until it's cracked, and then [you] go, 'Well, do I get it repaired? Do I get it replaced? How long can I go?'" If you do replace your windshield, the most important thing is that you use an Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS)-[Registered Company]."

Fix displayed an AGRSS logo on the windshield of the vehicle, along with that of Glass America, who's working with her on the effort, throughout the segment. Click on the video below to view the segment in full.

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