Richmond, Va., Auto Glass Businesses Assist Local Family in Time of Need
August 4, 2010

When Freedom Glass owner Mike Paley heard of a local family that needed a windshield installed on its 2000 Chevrolet Venture in late July, he quickly agreed to do the work. But there was a catch he didn't expect.

"They can't pay for it," said a friend of Paley's who was close to the family in question. The family involved was the Parker family—four sisters whose mother, Cindy Parker, was allegedly murdered outside a restaurant by their father in late June. According to local reports, the girls' father, Richard Parker, has been arrested, leaving sisters Cherry, 24, Hanna, 20, Vanessa, 19, and Molly, 14, to deal with the family's expenses amidst their grief.

"They needed to have their vehicle inspected, but first its windshield needed to be replaced," says Paley.

Paley was still willing to do the job, and contacted his local Pilkington distributor next, to see if the company might be able to assist in any way.

"They said, 'well, we'll give you the glass,'" says Paley.

He went on to call his adhesive representative, Bill Stansfield with Dow Automotive, who happened to be in Chester, Va., at the time-though he is based in North Carolina.

"I asked him to donate two tubes of urethane for a cause and I told him what was going on and he said, 'absolutely,'" recalls Paley.

Paley donated the time of his technician, Charles Craft, and a helper, Mark Rosellen, to complete the installation on July 22.

"We got the job done that afternoon and the girls were tickled to death and everything went well," he says.

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