Freeman Asks Court to Reverse Order in PGW Age Discrimination Lawsuit
August 3, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

James Freeman, a former employee for Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW), has asked the court to reverse the 2010 decision in his age discrimination case against the company. In Freeman’s appeal brief he alleges that the arbitrator who was involved in his 2010 case failed to disclose her relationship with PPG and its agents.

“The arbitrator inexplicably omitted to inform Mr. Freeman that she had accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from PPG, its in-house employment lawyers, its general counsel and its senior executives, and that she also had professional ties with PPG’s employment counsel,” reads Freeman’s appeal. “Instead, she seemingly trivialized and concealed her conflict of interest arising from those entaglements. No intimation was made of her actual, apparently close relationship with PPG. Had appellant or his counsel been aware of such important facts, they would never have consented to her appointment as an arbitrator.”

In Freeman’s original case he alleged that “without notice or warning on July 19, 2008, at the age of 60, [he] was told by his supervisor ... 'that his position was being eliminated,'" and that when he questioned whether it had to do with his age, he was told, "You can figure it out."

The case entered into arbitration where it was closed. In the arbitration order and opinion the arbitrator ultimately concluded, “... Mr. Freeman has failed to demonstrate his claim that age was the ‘but for’ cause of his termination of employment.”

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