GGCA On-Hand at GreenBuild to Promote Glass Conservation of All Kinds
November 13, 2009

Representatives of the newly formed Global Glass Conservation Alliance (GGCA) are on-hand at the Greenbuild show in Phoenix this week, and GGCA president Mike Boyle of Glass Mechanix told™/AGRR magazine that so far, the response has been good.

“It’s been really quite amazing,” he said. “People are coming up wanting to know what our focus is. There are a lot of problems out there to which people don’t know how to get the answers, and we’re trying to provide a conduit to offer that information.”

Though Boyle was on-hand at last year’s event as well, in Boston, as a representative of the National Windshield Repair Association, which is now a part of the GGCA, he said the response has been slightly different this year—and in a positive way.

“Now, we’re talking to them about glass in general, and then we get to automotive as one of the solutions,” he said.

The GGCA is composed of three councils—the NWRA, the Scratch Removal Council and the Float Glass Recycling Council—all of which are dedicated to glass conservation in all forms. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

Boyle said he’s also starting to see increasing interest in the retrofit market on the flat glass side of the business.

“It’s About Doing the Right Thing”

Green, along with the NWRA’s involvement in GGCA, was a popular topic at the NWRA’s marketing conference last week in Las Vegas.

“It’s about doing the right thing,” said Boyle, during a session introducing the association.

He also advised attendees that using the green approach in promoting repair isn’t just environmentally conscious, it’s economical as well.

“When you use this correctly for your business, it helps,” he said.

NWRA vice president Kerry Wanstrath, who also is on-hand at GreenBuild this week, echoed Boyle.

“This is an honest approach,” he said. “This is the only leverage we have.”

Boyle also noted that, due to the many areas that that the GGCA encompasses (windshield repair, scratch removal and recycling) and its emphasis on something important to a large consumer base, he hopes the global brand will grow to gain major consumer recognition.

“We’d like to build a global brand that’s like the Good Housekeeping Seal,” he said.

Keith Beveridge of Novus also noted that not only promoting green is important, but being green is as well.

“We encourage everyone to look at ways to be green,” he said.

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