GM Officials Say Enhanced Windshield Vision System Expected to Be Brought to Market Sometime in Next Decade

March 19, 2010

Officials from General Motors (GM) Corp. say they expect the company's new enhanced vision system to be available in the next decade, though no particular vehicle line has been targeted. The advanced windshield system currently is in research and development. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

The system, which works much like a head-up display, would utilize the entire width of the windshield. (Click on the video to the right for an in-depth look at the technology.)

"The enhanced vision system is comprised of a transparent display, which basically is the windshield," says Thomas

Seder, group lab manager-GM research and development. "A bunch of forward-looking sensors, infrared sensors, visible cameras, potentially radar, night vision systems-a variety of sensors looking forward on the vehicle as well as cameras in the vehicle to track a driver's position in space, so that what we can do is keep align the image that we draw on the transparent display with external objects in the real world."

He adds, "This may seem like a very complex, very wild technology, but in fact, it is being used today in cockpits around the world. Enhanced vision systems are used in many commercial airlines."

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