Glass Doctor to Open 30 New Locations in 2012
February 27, 2012

by Katie O'Mara,

Glass Doctor announced plans to open 30 new franchise locations in 2012. The company has currently been shopping locations in large cities including Boston, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

“We spend so much money on national advertising and we need to take advantage of those dollars we are spending,” says Mark Liston, president for Glass Doctor. “If you look at Wal-Mart as an example—they started in little towns and now they are everywhere in the world. It’s now smarter for us to move into covering those larger markets.”

Liston expects that among the new locations Glass Doctor will add approximately 500 jobs in the glass business.

As Glass Doctor grows there has been discussion within the auto glass industry whether the company would decide to open its own network. For the time being the answer seems to be no.

“It’s not our sweet spot. I believe people need to do what they are good at and we have enough going on now,” says Liston. “To start a network you have to have experts in certain areas. Will we at some point? I don’t know—maybe. Right now we are all laser-focused on what we need to do and that will just take our focus off of what our goals are.”

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