Mary Mart Pleads No Contest to Theft Charges
May 3, 2011

Former GlasWeld employee Mary Mart pleaded no contest on Friday to two counts of theft in the first degree and one count of theft in the second degree. Mart, who was charged with two counts of Theft I and eleven counts of Theft II in mid-February from the company, reportedly stole varying amounts of money from the company but GlasWeld does not offer specifics on the crime; the values of each incident range from $100 to $1,000, according to the February 16 indictment. In addition, Mart is charged with aggravated theft in an indictment that also lists her husband Shawn Mart. She is accused of "the intent to deprive said owner of property and the value of the property in a single or aggregate transaction $10,000 or more."

Mart will be back in court on June 1 and will be required to pay $10,000 in restitution prior to the sentencing hearing.
At press time, GlasWeld has offered no comment. Attempts to reach Mart for comment have been unsuccessful.

Stay tuned to for information as the story develops.

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