GlasWeld Motions for Summary Judgment in Suit Filed by Former President
October 21, 2011

Bend, Ore.-based GlasWeld has filed a motion for summary judgment in the case filed against it in August by former president Mike Boyle, and denies the allegations made in the August 1 complaint. Boyle alleges that he was wrongfully discharged from employment with the company in August 2009, and that the company discriminated against him and others based on his religious beliefs.

He also alleges that GlasWeld ownership once “refused to hire a marketing person on the basis that the applicant was gay,” and that he was asked to “sign a false statement about [owner and current president Thomas Spoo’s] work hours so as to obtain health insurance coverage for [him].”

The motion for summary judgment was accompanied by a declaration by Spoo, who says it was his decision to terminate Boyle’s employment in August 2009.

“It was my judgment that he was not performing in accordance with the reasonable expectations of the company,” writes Spoo. “One example of this, which was shared with Mr. Boyle at the time of termination, was selling new products when we were unable to timely deliver them to the customer. In no way was his termination based upon religion, sexual orientation of a potential job applicant, nor the alleged ‘insurance fraud.’”

In addition, GlasWeld alleges that claims of discrimination related to religion are governed by a one-year statute of limitations, and that the complaint was filed two years after Boyle’s discharge.

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