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NAGS® approved to license GLAXIS® for GlassMate Software

SAN DIEGO, April 17, 2006 - National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS®), a division of Mitchell International, has been certified to license GLAXIS technology in their latest version of the GlassMate point-of-sale software. "We are excited that GlassMate has been certified to license GLAXIS technology. This ensures that more glass shop owners have access to the tools and the opportunity to increase their profitability," said Betsy Evanoff, sales manager, GLAXIS®.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this exciting feature to our customers", said James Patterson, Director of Glass Product Management at Mitchell International. "Automation and efficiency are core themes of the GlassMate software, and communication via GLAXIS technology further enhances those themes."

In phase one of GLAXIS technology integration, GlassMate enables retail glass shops to receive electronic work assignments from LYNX Services and other fleet / insurance claims managers as well as handle additional part authorizations or approvals electronically.

Receiving the work assignments electronically eliminates data entry, reduces the length of time the glass shop spends on the phone with claims managers and significantly improves the accuracy of insurance claims invoicing which translates into lower invoice rejections so shops get paid for insurance work faster.

All additional part authorization approvals from the routine OEM molding to the less common backlite slider can be received from LYNX Services electronically via the GlassMate software. This completely eliminates all of the 10-15 minute long-distance phone calls to LYNX to receive approval for such parts. Additionally, based upon job-specific insurance company business rules, the GlassMate software will alert front-line CSR's what parts require approval and prompt them to request approval when needed.

About GlassMate
GlassMate, a leading point-of-sale system for the auto glass repair and replacement industry, delivers efficiency and automation to the AGRR market. Ease of use and world-class customer service are some of the reasons that thousands of shops have chosen GlassMate. More information about GlassMate can be found at, or by calling (800) 551-4012.

GLAXIS technology provides solutions that streamline the automotive glass value chain. More than 2,000 U.S. glass shops, parts suppliers and insurance and fleet companies use GLAXIS® products.

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