Auto Glass Design Concepts Forecast Market Direction
February 25, 2013

by Casey Neeley,

Heads-up displays (HUD) for car windshields, once considered a high-end, futuristic feature for luxury vehicles, may become more accessible for the average consumer.

While luxury carmakers previously have been the trendsetters for this technology, such as Mercedes Benz with its Dynamic and Intuitive Control Experience DICE concept, mid-level manufacturer Hyundai is entering the arena with its HCD-14 concept vehicle, introduced at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The HCD-14 offers an interactive HUD which tracks eye movement and hand gestures. The technology, similar to an interactive gaming system, tracks user movements to allow adjustments such as volume and navigation control, according to a report from SAE International.

Another average-consumer-friendly manufacturer, JVC/Kenwood, has developed a HUD projector prototype. Displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January, the company showcased two HUD displays. According to the company, "One features Liquid Crystal on Silicon technology which combines a reflective LCD and projector technology for a navigation screen that appears to float in front of the car's windshield. The other is based on Micro Electro Mechanical System which uses a mirror to raster scan a laser beam that is modulated by a video signals."

Entry into augmented reality design by these two mid-level manufacturers offers a glimpse at just how accessible this technology may be for the everyday consumer. Though interactive HUD units have yet to make a splash in the market, the developing technologies are already preparing to hit the ground running, gearing the futuristic technology toward run-of-the-mill consumers.

The closer this technology comes to being a reality for the majority of consumers, the better auto glass repair and replacement specialists need to prepare for these changes to the industry.

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