Nearly Two Months Later, Oklahoma Auto Glass Shops Still in Catch-Up Mode after Major Hailstorm
July 2, 2010

Many Oklahoma City auto glass shops still are working busily to keep up with all of the auto glass breakage that occurred as a result of a major May hailstorm. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

Alan Geiger of Oklahoma City-based Glass Aid, a windshield repair-only business, says he doesn't expect things to get back to normal until at least sometime in July.

"It's the worst I've ever seen," he says.

Geiger compared the hail storm to the major ice and snowstorms that he's endured-but says none of these have compared to this particular storm season.

And he's not the only one.

"We are still busy, busy, busy," adds a representative of Mr. Windshield Repair, also in Oklahoma City. "Things have not really showed down since the storm."

Though Larry Stephens, manager of Downtown Glass Inc., only works with flat glass, many of his auto glass shop associates still are experiencing a backlog, he says.

"I know of several shops who are weeks behind schedule," says Stephens.

Geiger also has noticed an unusual phenomenon; the hail storm has brought so much glass damage to light that he finds that many in the area are paying more attention to their windshields than ever before.

"We've seen many windows with two, three, four or five chips on them that need to be repaired," he says. "It's similar to what happens when someone buys a used car and two months later they call and say a rock hit their windshield."

Just yesterday, the town of Bozeman, Mont., endured a major hail storm. (CLICK HERE for related story. )

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