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Happy Halloween from™

The fifth annual Key Communications Inc. Halloween Costume Contest was held on Friday, October 26, 2007, but the decision of who wins the contest is in your hands. Many staffers of Key Communications Inc., publisher of™/AGRR magazine, arrived to work in costume and it's up to our readers to select who will win extra vacation days in 2007.

The contenders are:

Holly Biller, vice president of marketing, as the frightening “cereal” killer;

Graphic designer Dawn Campbell, who roamed the office as the Travelocity Traveling Gnome;

Advertising coordinator Erin Harris dressed as the rabbit being pulled from a magician’s hat;

Webmaster Bryan Hovey, as Jesus, complete with loaves and fishes; magazine editor Penny Stacey, who dressed as a surgeon; and

Customer service representative Wendy Jozwiak posed as Snow White.

Voting will run through Friday, November 2. The winner will be announced on the newsletter on Monday, November 5.

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