Hyundai Veloster Sunroof Under Investigation
October 9, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

The 2012 Hyundai Veloster is under investigation by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) after the agency received multiple consumer complaints stating the panoramic sunroof shattered without warning.

In a complaint filed Friday, one consumer said, "I was driving down Interstate 684 in New York state when my sunroof exploded all over me. It sounded like a gunshot and then the roof shatter[ed]."

Currently, there are more than 15 complaints filed with the NHTSA alleging the Veloster has a defective sunroof. Other filed complaints assert similar situations in which the sunroof shattered while the consumer was driving.

According to one consumer complaint filed June 23, "The sunroof shattered violently in an upwards direction sending some glass down inside the car and the rest all over the exterior."

In a complaint filed August 1, a consumer said, "While driving down the interstate highway, the sun roof exploded, landing on me and throughout the interior. The sun roof was in the title position to allow airflow, but not completely open. [It was a] cool 65 degree, sunny day when it occurred...I was not driving under any objects, nor did I see anything strike the car or glass."

On September 26, another consumer said she was driving when "all of a sudden there was a loud bang like a gunshot and [she] heard something raining down on [her] car. [She] looked in the mirror and saw glass flying everywhere." An eyewitness to this particular incident reported that "the glass in the sunroof blew straight [upward] like a Coke exploding."

All of the consumer complaints issued for incidents that occurred while driving note that the sunroof did not shatter from impact of road debris or other items.

Additionally, several of the complaints filed allege that the glass spontaneously exploded while the vehicle was parked.

A consumer said on June 29, "At 8:00 a.m. I was informed by a fellow worker that it appeared my vehicle was damaged and there was glass all over it. I found that the skylight had burst upward and outward."

On August 28, another consumer reported, "The car was in the driveway at night when the sunroof imploded and shattered all over the seats. Nothing fell on the car—it just imploded…The car is only three months old."

Several consumers reported minor injuries sustained from the breakage.

On July 16, a consumer said, "The explosion spread shattered glass around six feet around the car and driveway...I have a small cut from the shattered glass."

"The [driver] sustained injuries to the left foot and right arm. The passenger in the front seat was also injured on the arms and face," said one consumer in a complaint dated October 1.

A recall for the vehicle has not yet been issued; however, U.S. safety regulators are currently inspecting the concern. An estimated 18,000 2012-model-year vehicles will be affected by the investigation.

In a related complaint, one same-model Veloster driver complained on August 14 that the "rear driver’s window shattered for no reason. It was in the driveway and when I went out to work the next morning it was shattered."

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