Questions Abound About New Steering Data Collection Service
June 2, 2009

Dave Zoldowski

The Independent Glass Association (IGA) recently launched an online data collection service designed to collect information about possible steering incidents from shop owners and technicians throughout the industry. IGA president Dave Zoldowski, who also serves as president of Auto One in Brighton, Mich., took the time today to talk to™/AGRR about the program and its goal.

GB: What is the goal of the program?

DZ: The goal of the program is to document what we believe to be true and that is that competitor administrators use a variety of tactics to steer our customers to their shows.

GB: Who can use the program?

DZ: Anybody can use the program as long as they legitimize themselves and state for the record that they have a claim number to reference the job, and a particular job description. Our plea to the industry is [for you] to report what you know is happening and you know that you are hearing or your CSRS know is going on.

GB: Is the system strictly steering based?

DZ: Our feelings are is that this communication tool can be used to report any valid incident that you believe damages the consumer or the shop.

GB: Is it live now?

DZ: It is operational and being used as we speak. It can be accessed at

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