IGA Speaks Out on Judge's Ruling

This letter was received from Marc Anderson, executive director of the Independent Glass Association.

Your coverage [yesterday] of the Judge Montgomery's ruling in the IGA case was complete and accurate. But, without the benefit of editorial perspective, it is rather like describing how Penicillin kills the polio virus, but without mentioning the monumental significance for society to be rid of such a crippling disease.

The two consumers [in the suit] represent the class of all consumers and, therefore, if there is a decision or an injunction which prohibits Safelite from steering these two consumers, Safelite is prohibited from steering any and all consumers, thereby ridding the auto glass industry of its crippling disease - steering.

From the time we announced this suit on May 1, 2004, this has always been an anti steering suit. We debated whether or not to bring only the one claim. Had we done that, there would have been no ancillary claims to be dismissed. We would be in exactly the same position we are in now, going forward having survived Safelite's best arguments why the court should not hear our claim that they disrespect consumer choice to steer jobs from their competitors. At the outset of the litigation, however, we chose to attack Safelite's steering by asserting several alternative paths.

There should be no confusion, this is a huge victory.

A victory at trial will effectively end Safelite's ability to steer, which will impact their control of market share, which will impact price industry wide.

This law suit is now the industry's best and only place to deal a blow to steering.

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