IGA Announces Staff Changes

The Independent Glass Association (IGA) has announced that chief executive officer Tim Smale and marketing director Jenna Smale are resigning from the IGA to pursue other interests.

Tim Smale stated, “5 ½ years ago when we came into the IGA, the needs of the association were much different than they are today. Back then; the focus was on developing programs and services, growing the national convention, and being a leader of and voice for independents. We have done everything that members and the board wanted us to do, and are fortunate to have been a part of the IGA during an important time in its growth.”

Kurt Muller, IGA board president added, “We appreciate the loyalty and dedication that Tim and Jenna Smale gave to the IGA and the industry, and we wish them well. Through their leadership, many programs and services were begun, such as the vision for electronic billing systems, the industry’s first group buying program, and a national warranty program. They were an effective voice for independents and helped put the IGA on the map.”

The IGA is pleased to announce that former IGA board member Marc Anderson and his associate Sue Johnson have been appointed to coordinate the litigation campaign and manage the affairs of the IGA on an interim basis. The IGA board has been exploring the legal options available to independent shops for well over a year and is ready to launch a lawsuit against a major network actively engaged in illegal steering. For more information on the litigation campaign, or to contribute to the legal fund, please contact Marc Anderson or Sue Johnson at (866) 930-3313 or by email at sue.johnson@iga.org or marc.anderson@iga.org . Tim and Jenna Smale will remain with the IGA until the end of June where than can be reached by telephone at (909) 659-5972, and by e-mail at capedoryskipper@hotmail.com.

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