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Iowa Glass Depot's Acquisition of Precision Replacement Parts Rocks Industry

Today's announcement of Iowa Glass Depot's acquisition of Precision Replacement Parts caught some members of the industry by surprise.

"Where is it all going to end?" was the initial reaction of Nathan Hemperly, a shop owner in Idaho. "Will the insurance companies and TPA's now realize that with this merger and the major glass manufacturers and distributors raising prices that a price increase is the only direction any new O&A should go?" he queried.

"I see these measures as a further step into persuading the industry away from NAGS benchmarking and, ironically as PPG has been the one leading in the price increases and fuel fees, I also think it is forcing glass shops to look more and more into dropping networks," said Corey Hemperly, also with Windshield Doctor in Idaho.

Not everyone views the move as a bad one.

"We think it is a smart move. It fits well with Iowa Glass. We are surprised they did not do this earlier," said Henri Goudsmit, division manager at AEGIS Tools International.

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