Illinois Bill Prohibits Consumers from Driving with Windshields in Disrepair
July 19, 2010

The Illinois Senate currently is reviewing a bill that would prohibit consumers from driving a motor vehicle when the windshield, sidelite or backlite "are in such defective condition or repair as to impair the driver's view to the front, side or rear." However, if passed, S.B. 2994 would allow the rear window of the vehicle to be obscured if both side mirrors on each side of the vehicle are in compliance with the defective condition provision. The bill, introduced my Senator John Sullivan of Illinois in February of this year, is currently being debated in the Senate where technical changes are being discussed. The bill would amend the current Illinois Vehicle Code and would adjust some of the language in the bill, specifically the difference between the driver being "obstructed" and "materially obstructed."

The bill also prohibits any obstructions between the driver and the windshield, rear window, side wings, or side windows, with an exception made for emergency vehicles.

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