Minnesota Auto Glass Shop Owner Accused of Insurance Fraud
October 1, 2012

by Casey Neeley, cneeley@glass.com

Bruce Norton Walla of Detroit Lakes, Minn., has been accused of filing several fraudulent auto glass insurance claims over a period of two years. Walla, the owner of Northland Auto Glass, made his first court appearance at Becker County District Court last Monday to dispute the claims, which are alleged to have occurred between March 1, 2009, and February 29, 2012.

"It was actually a mix-up," says Walla in an exclusive interview with glassBYTEs.com™ and AGRR™ magazine. "The insurance company said that I turned in bills for work but I hadn't replaced the windshield. But we did do the work so we have to provide some proof of that and we did, but by then they had turned it over to the state's attorney."

According to local reports, the felony charge totals more than $22,000 in fraudulent claims. Walla denies the amount sought in the complaint.

"[Opposing counsel] used every glass claim that I'd had with that insurance company, which was around $22,000; if you're over $5,000 it becomes felony," continues Walla. "It's actually less than $5,000, the claims that are under scrutiny."

"We've always been an honest company to deal with and we've always dealt with insurance companies honestly and we continue to do so," says Walla.

The matter is set to be heard in court again near the end of November.

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