JN Phillips Assistant Vice President Recognized by Boston Red Sox
May 4, 2012

by Katie O'Mara, komara@glass.com

Chris Howard hasn’t always worked in the auto glass industry. The JN Phillips vice president of sales started his career as a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox in 1994 and even roomed with Roger Clemens. This past April the Red Sox recognized Howard, along with other former players, at the 100th birthday of Fenway Park, the famed Red Sox baseball park.

His career in the glass industry had an inauspicious beginning. After an injury ended his baseball career, Howard answered an ad and began work with JN Phillips as a regional sales manager. He was later promoted to director of sales and last year was promoted to assistant vice president of sales.

Howard and his former teammates joined in the celebration by walking through the left field door in the “Green Monster.” The highlight of Howard’s Fenway Park celebration was the opportunity to share his baseball past with his 14 year-old son.

“He was only two when I got injured and had to retire from baseball, so he never got to see me play,” says Howard. “Having him with me for this special honor meant a lot to both of us.”

Of his baseball career, Howard recalls the highs and the lows, as well as the challenges.

“The toughest out I ever faced was Edgar Martinez who was playing for the Seattle Mariners,” says Howard. “In fact, I never was able to get him out. On the flip side, I believe that I was the first MLB pitcher to ever strike Alex Rodriguez out when he first came up to the Big League. I was actually relieved to see him at the plate, because coming behind him was Ken Griffey, Jr., Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez and Tino Martinez.”

JN Phillips is also involved in the Boston sports community with the Boston Celtics as the official windshield replacement company of the NBA basketball team.

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