Members of the Auto Glass Industry React to Safelite Purchase of Klein-Dickert
November 8, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

Members of the auto glass industry have been very vocal in their thoughts on Safelite Group's recent acquisition of Madison, Wisc.-based auto glass business Klein-Dickert Co. Inc (KDCI).

The announcement, made a week ago, has been met with a range of viewpoints within in the industry.

Readers took to the™ message boards to express their thoughts on the deal. "They want the whole glass business," says one reader. "[Safelite] can't leave family businesses alone. If this isn't a monopoly, what is going on then?"

Another reader expressed concern for consumers.

"This is an unfortunate piece of news," he says. "Independent glass shops will not win the ground battle. Like the game of Risk, Safelite will continue to conquer. Your only hope is to draw the consumers into the mix. Without proof of consumer harm, it will be very difficult to stop the momentum. Your craft has become a commodity and I still believe that the consumers' safety is being compromised."

Several readers held an entirely different viewpoint; some even suggested embracing the merger.

"Big guys purchased the company I worked for, [it's the] best thing that happened to the company and me, bar none," comments one reader. "Klein-Dickert folks: embrace the change it will be a great thing."

"The other side of the argument is: if a company is barely holding on and a lucrative offer comes by and you have an opportunity to walk away and fish or do whatever you want to do, would you take the negotiated offer?" asks another reader.

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