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LYNX Adds AGRSS Condition to Its Contract

LYNX Services LLC had amended its contract for auto glass replacement work, adding the stricture that work performed for it be done to the conditions of the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS).

Chris Umble, vice president, strategic initiatives for LYNX, explained, "The new amended wording sets the AGRSS Standard as the standard to which we are subscribing as the required and expected level of installation work to be performed by LYNX participants. It is the obligation of the participants to conform to the AGRSS installation standards."

However, he does point out that it is their option to enroll and register with AGRSS, "which we encourage but do not require them to do," he added.

Umble explained that prior to this change FMVSS standards had been the benchmark for work performed for LYNX. "We haven't dropped those standards. We've just added the AGRSS Standard and say that work has to be performed in conformance with it," he stated.

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