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Livgard and Rabuse Becomes Livgard and Lloyd

Attorney Chuck Lloyd's lawfirm, Livgard and Rabuse, has undergone a name change; the firm will now be called Livgard and Lloyd PLLP. Lloyd, who has been involved in many auto glass cases over the years and is an AGRR columnist, has been a partner in the firm for several years, but never had the name changed due to the time and money it would have required.

When one of the partners, Dwight Rabuse, left the firm recently, "which required [them] to change the name," Lloyd says.

"The ethics rules governing attorneys required we change the name so we've gone to the hassle and the expense," he says.

Other than the name change, though, it's business as usual for Lloyd.

"Glass companies should see absolutely no difference in what I do," he says.

Deb Lingen, Lloyd's paralegal, will continue to work with him as will his secretary, AnnaMae Hughley.

"Nothing too exciting to the outside world but for those of here, we're excited," Lloyd adds. "A change like this gives us the opportunity to examine and re-evaluate how we do things and fix the things we don't like."

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