Lynx Services Amends Contract Services Agreement
September 7, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

Pittsburgh-based Lynx Services will amend its contract services agreement effective September 12. The most notable addition to the agreement is the availability of online scorecard access for shops. These scorecards will provide auto glass shops with performance records based on a variety of factors called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

KPIs will include a Customer Service Index (CSI) and Warranty Frequency/Performance. Lynx officials claim CSI scoring will be based on customer surveys gathered from more than 50 percent of the claim services Lynx dispatches in auto glass. Likewise, warranty scores will be based on the total number of customer warranty complaints from dispatched work when compared to the total number of claims invoiced during the same evaluation period. Scoring based on these KPIs will help shops achieve the distinguished performer designation. This scoring will be available on Lynxs's Metryx database.

In a statement, Lynx officials say, "The performance of any one company may change over time. For example, today's distinguished performer may not sustain a distinguished level of performance or commitment to customers. Likewise, program participants may improve their results over time, qualifying them for the distinguished performer designation. In short, the distinguished performer designation is one that must be continually demonstrated."

"The model has been in the market now for quite some time; we are simply extending the benefits of that model," says Chris Umble, vice president of strategic initiatives for Lynx, in an interview with AGRR™ magazine/™. "We will always continue to honor customer choice; when the customer asks for assistance in the recommendation of a shop we are able to offer a shop that's best in class. What it does is reward with opportunity of referral the companies that have invested in training to earn that best in class performance."

According to Umble, the new program offers incentives for distinguished performers.

"[The program] intention is to provide a constant motivation for shops to focus on the customer and best in class practices," says Umble. "One of the questions that we have had posed [to us] is why should I invest in the AGRSS standard; they haven't necessarily seen a return on that investment. This is an answer to that. This says if you are a best in class provider, you will have more opportunity for referral. We believe that's healthy for the industry and positive for customers. Therefore it was believed it is for the general best interest of the industry and public."

A letter from Paul McFarland, director of programs administration for Lynx, dated August 29, states, "distinguished performer participant names will be featured when a customer requests help identifying a glass service provider. All Lynx Services participants are eligible to achieve distinguished performer designation through consistent performance to KPI standards."

Shops will be evaluated quarterly, allowing for improvement of scores. Assessment periods will last for two consecutive calendar quarters; at this time, companies may receive a potential change to the distinguished performance level.

Repair shops will see a different effect from the change.

According to company officials, "The repair only participants in the Lynx Services participants glass program will continue to be measured in a very similar manner to replacement companies. For repairs, performance statistics will continue to emphasize the rate at which a repair company minimizes conversion of repair dispatches to replacements. Although the logic is in place, the repair KPI results will not be made available online to be viewed by participants."

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