Mainstreet Computers Expands Both Physical Location and Staff

April 15, 2010

Industry software supplier Mainstreet Computers in Belleville, Mich., recently has undergone some growth, and, though it previously shared its building with several tenants, is in the process of expanding into the entire facility.

“We’re expanding and using the whole building now,” company sales manager Mark Haeck told™/AGRR magazine in an interview yesterday. “We’re bracing ourselves for growth.”

Haeck attributes some of this growth to the company’s entry into web services in the last few years.

“About three to four years ago we added our web services division and it’s been going really well,” he says. “There’s a whole new generation out there with people going to the web instead of the yellow pages … It’s a great opportunity for us.”

The company’s software also has undergone some advancements, he says.

“Our programs are getting better all the time, and the tools available are more flexible,” added Haeck.

The company also recently hired a new representative to handle its marketing efforts, Kevin Winningham, and is in the process of expanding its sales staff as well.

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