Mainstreet Computers Host Glas-Avenue Advanced Training Event
April 26, 2012

Customers from as far away as Arizona and Montana gathered today in Belleville, Mich., for Mainstreet Computers’ Glas-Avenue advanced training event.

“We’re particularly pleased to have you here with us today, as we’ve just celebrated Mainstreet’s 30th anniversary one week ago,” said Kevin Winningham, director of marketing for Mainstreet Computers, in a welcome to attendees.

The full-day seminar program was kicked off by support supervisor Mike Casella, who led a session on under-utilized or unknown features designed to create ease of use. He also highlighted Tech View, which allows remote access to the system.

“A tech can show that a job has been completed, get a map to go to the next location or remove items that were not used,” says Casella.

Sales manager Mark Haeck noted that an increased number of customers are moving to hosting. Haeck explained that customers are choosing this route, “because their servers are getting old.” He also explained that hosted customers benefit from automatic updates and back-ups.

The importance of having a website was also discussed.

“How do we get customers to buy from us?” said Haeck. “Making it easier to find you is done through a number of means, but the internet continues to grow in importance. To convey a professional presence and ensure your company can be found through search engines, it’s imperative to have a website.”

A popular afternoon session concerned social media. Emphasizing the importance of getting involved, Winningham said, “If you don’t think social media is important to your business, consider this—Facebook is the choice of younger people, who will be our customers.”

“YouTube can have a great impact on your business, providing the ability to demonstrate your products and services, feature testimonials and much more,” said Winningham.

Second-time attendee Michelle Kahle of All Service Glass in Lima, Ohio, agreed.

“Social media is very important to us. We started some activities, but need to increase our involvement. Our operation in Kentucky has been very successful with their Facebook page. They regularly offer contests that tie into activities in the community,” said Kahle.

She added that the seminar program provided good information and was definitely worth the trip.

The day’s events concluded with a tour of Mainstreet’s headquarters in downtown Belleville.

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