Mary Mart Sentenced to Fines and Jail Time
June 1, 2011

Former GlasWeld employee Mary Mart was sentenced to a three day jail sentence and to pay back $12,000 to GlasWeld as well as some additional fines in response to her plea of no contest to two counts of theft in the first degree and one count of theft in the second degree.

The former GlasWeld employee was originally charged with two counts of Theft I and eleven counts of Theft II in mid-February. Mart pleaded no contest to stealing varying amounts of money from the company; the values of each incident range from $100 to $1,000, according to the February 16 indictment.

Mart paid $10,000 of her fines in court this morning and asked if she could serve the three days in jail as soon as possible due to an upcoming move. She will begin serving her jail time on June 3 and upon her release will be on parole.

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