Massachusetts Senate Begins Review of Auto Glass Shop Registration Bill
December 14, 2010

The Massachusetts House passed a bill last week that could make it illegal for any person "to engage in motor vehicle glass repair unless such person is registered as a motor vehicle glass repair shop under this chapter,” and this week, the state’s Senate has taken up review of the bill. H5080 is under the review of the Senate’s Ways and Means Committee.

Originally sponsored by Rep. Charles Murphy, if passed the bill also would also require that shops have a physical place of business within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts "at which it has indoor facilities to perform motor vehicle glass repair services, or from which it would lawfully dispatch mobile service vans." Likewise, mobile service vans would be required to be "commercial vehicle[s] properly registered and insured in the Commonwealth."

The bill also includes several record-keeping requirements, including records that would show "the usage of all glass parts, major accessory parts including mouldings and major hardware component parts, and the adhesive system used in the motor vehicle glass repair."

"Such adhesive system record shall include the brand, product number or name, lot and batch numbers for the product used, and shall be maintained for as long as the vehicle is known to be in operation," reads the bill. Evidence of the record-keeping system would be required of those applying to become registered auto glass repair shops.
The bill also would require that registered auto glass shops "advise the consumer of post-repair practices that may be necessary to insure safe operation of the vehicle."

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