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Massachusetts Anti-Steering Bill Meets End; Could Be Revived in 2009

A Massachusetts bill that would have prohibited auto glass insurance claims third-party billers from participating as vendors of auto glass replacement and/or repair services for the same insurance carrier has met its end in the state's house, but could still have a future, according to state officials.

The bill, H.B. 1102, sponsored by Rep. Robert P. Spellane (D), was first introduced last January and was referred to the committee on financial services. Last February, the committee reported favorably on the bill and referred it to the committee on House Ways and Means, and after that, it went to the House Steering, Policy and Scheduling Committee. While it wasn't voted out of the committee and was removed from the Massachusetts roster with the start of the new session, a spokesperson for Rep. Spellane's office, says it could be revived.

"It's our understanding that the bill, 1102, is going to be refiled," he says. "It's just a matter of who's going to be re-filing it."

He adds, "It may be [Rep.] Ron Mariano or [Rep. Theodore] Speliotis."

McGovern could not comment on why the bill was tabled last year.

The deadline for filing bills in the state of Massachusetts is this Friday at 5 p.m.

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