Two Massachusetts Auto Glass Bills Referred for Study Order
July 29, 2010

Two auto glass-related Massachusetts House bills have been to the state’s house committee on financial services for an investigation and study, along with several other bills. Both H.B. 3680, which would prohibit third-party administrators from also providing auto glass services to an insurance company for which it bills, and H.B. 952, which would prohibit insurers from directing customers to specific auto glass companies for work, were introduced more than a year ago in early 2009. (CLICK HERE for related story.)

The decision to order a study for these and several related bills came as part of H.B. 4920, proposed by Rep. Peter J. Koutojian, who chairs the joint committee on financial services that will review the bills.

According to the Massachusetts legislative history provided on the House’s website, “Study orders seek to authorize the Committee to sit during recess and study this measure and similar ones and file a narrative report of its findings.”

However, “Due to budgetary and staff constraints, though, study orders are seldom approved,” according to information from the state. “The vast majority of bills sent to a study order do not progress any further in the legislative process.”

H.B. 952 was introduced by Rep. Ron Mariano and H.B. 3680 was introduced by Rep. Joyce Spilliotis. H.B. 3680 defines a third-party biller as "as any company who processes pays and monitors the payment of auto glass claims on behalf of an insurance carrier or insurance producer."

"Such third-party biller shall not be related to any glass replacement repair services in any way," reads H.B. 3680, which would be an amendment to Section 100A of the Massachusetts General Laws. "This includes stock ownership or such ownership by any direct family relative."

Likewise, H.B. 952 includes the following verbiage:

Notwithstanding any provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, no insurance company, third party biller, agent or adjuster for such insurance company that issues or renews in the commonwealth any policy of insurance covering in whole or in part any motor vehicle may require that any person insured under said policy use a particular company or location for the providing of automobile glass replacement or repair services of products insured in part by that policy.

CLICK HERE for full text of H.B. 952.

CLICK HERE for full text of H.B. 3680.

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