Massachusetts Governor Signs Auto Glass Bill into Law
August 7, 2012

by Casey Neeley,

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill into law that includes a number of provisions that will affect auto glass shops in the state. Senate Bill 2216 recently passed both the state’s House and Senate. The law will take effect within 180 days of its passing, according to information from the Massachusetts legislature.

The new law will require glass shops to “maintain records for each motor vehicle upon which motor vehicle glass repair services have been performed, showing the usage of all glass parts, major accessory parts, including mouldings and major hardware component parts, and the adhesive system used in the motor vehicle glass repair.”

The law also will require that anyone who registers as a new or renewal auto glass shop must have a physical location, which includes indoor facilities to perform repairs or dispactch mobile repair units.

Finally, the law also includes an anti-steering provision, which will prohibit insurers and third-party administrators from requiring consumers to use a certain shop or from using unfair or deceptive acts to convince consumers to use a certain shop, with potential fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Barry Gaughran, president of Massachusetts Glass Dealers Association, told™/AGRR™ magazine today that he is pleased with the passage of the bill.

“We’ve been looking for legislative relief in Massachusetts for a while when it comes to steering,” he says. “It will help number-one with consumer safety, and it will help to have a safe and proper place to repair the vehicles, which will create a better safety situation for the consumer.”

Gaughran also applauds the anti-steering provisions in the bill.

“[The law] will help the consumer, when choosing to use their local glass shop, not to feel intimidated, threatened or coerced for using, or for having used, their local glass shop, by any insurance company, agent or TPA,” he says.

Gaughran adds that he hopes other states may follow Massachusetts’ lead with this legislation.

“I see this fight happening all over the country,” he says. “The independent glass shops need relief. Hopefully this will help other states and lawmakers to see that this can work. This is happening all over the country and will help the other states.”

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