Glass Mechanix Enters Management Agreement with Techna Glass
May 18, 2011

Glass Mechanix, a windshield repair equipment manufacturer and supplier originally based in Las Vegas, and Techna Glass, a retail repair and replacement chain based in Sandy, Utah, have entered into an agreement under which Techna Glass will provide management services to the company.

“We’re working more as a partnership, but officially it’s a management agreement,” says Troy Mason, president and founder of Techna Glass. “We manage all aspects of the company.”

While Mason and John Kiland, owner of Glass Mechanix, have known each other for some time, Mason says approximately a year and a half ago, Techna Glass made the decision to adopt the Glass Mechanix system throughout its locations, which are scattered throughout Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

“In the process of replacing all of our equipment, Techna Glass quickly became Glass Mechanix’s largest customer, and in dealing with John we connected and it became clear we had more to offer each other in a partnership rather than just as a customer,” says Mason.

A large part of this has to do with the resources and staff that Techna Glass has developed since Mason started the company in 1991, he says.

“Techna Glass has a lot to offer as far as marketing, warehousing, a call center, a finance department, a marketing department, an Internet marketing team, etc., so we were able to offer all the resources that Techna Glass has to offer in a partnership with Glass Mechanix and it just made sense,” says Mason.

In addition, Kiland points out that Techna Glass brings a new “retail perspective” to Glass Mechanix.

“That will help our customers as they go through training, or if they want to expand their businesses, and they’ll have knowledge we can fall back on that we didn’t have before,” says Kiland.

Mason points out that as an end-user Techna Glass also has a different outlook on product development.

“Techna Glass does probably 10,000 rock chip repairs a month so we are a very high-volume rock chip repair user and therefore provide great input not only into the product but also can offer insight into future products and advancements and product lines,” he says.

In the process, Techna Glass has had to add only one staff member, who is located in Sandy, and Kiland has remained in his home city of Las Vegas—but visits the Techna Glass headquarters as needed.

“We just completely revamped the website, we’ve been able to secure some pretty substantial distributors, and we’ve been doing all this pretty quietly,” says Mason.

Mason declined to comment on the length of the current management agreement, but is optimistic for the future.
“We plan to really grow the Glass Mechanix brand both domestically as well as internationally and we will be aggressively marketing it,” says Mason.

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